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It's been a while! As I've said on my back of my latest publication when I am writing I have moments where poetry comes pouring out. I accumulate it over the course of years and it rarely sees the light of day. This bunch though made it onlt my Instagram page and several people asked me to complie them and... Voila! 





BELHAVEN is getting to be my white whale (tons upon tons of research and fact checking). Despite all the hard work and paper cuts I uploaded the prologue from Belhaven HERE. Please be sure to check it out and let me know what you think! I'll be looking forward to reading your emails.


Last up is the 3rd book to the BAGGAGECARRY ON series which will be called TAKE OFF. The characters have set up shop in my brain and are constantly running through their daily lives as I go through mine. It's what I call the split personality phase of the creative process. I'm present in two worlds simultaneously. 









And it hit me-


Not exactly why I let it in


but I did


and now I'm stuck here


all dark and twisty


all sixteen candles


dumb and ready to fall


willing even


when it goes against ever self preserving instinct


I allowed it to happen-




dramatic and adolescent


stupid stupid stupid- 














When with you I was so willing to be bad.





disarmed and powerful-

I am master of suppression

I give love

I give it away

set it free

let it be

eyes closed

believe, believe, believe it will return

having faith in reason and purpose

with open arms I play this game

trampled on

brave chest out

head high

I talk to myself

convince me

make me believe

for survival

it’s not my fault

it’s not his fault

it’s just right now

but tomorrow

and the next day

and next week

or next month

I just have to survive

keep giving my love

keep giving him away

keep my mouth shut

my heart hid


pretending to believe

everything is as it should be

change will come

external internal

hope springs reluctantly

awaiting the truth

awaiting confessions

awaiting the debut of proper place and time

smiling- cringing-laughing-wallowing

in friendship

I keep giving love

I keep giving it away

I keep silent watch

I keep myself in check

the tears on hold

until I know for sure

all that I had faith in

was wrong

and I am better for it.