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Every time I go to start a new project I'm a whirlwind of craziness. I know it sounds stupid but humor me. I often have several people, and lives, going strong in my mind. It's like flipping TV channels when you're not exactly sure what to watch or what mood you're in. Nine times out of ten it's the love story or situation that pulls me in. I like it when people manage to navigate a destination despite their circumstance or lack of skills. I admire that and I get joy out of writing about people who do just that.


The last thing I have set out to write is a mess though I've honed in on the person and the story- but the beginning is not revealing itself, but I know what happens next. I keep telling myself to just start there but it feels wrong. Not to mention I’m not entirely sure whose voice to tell it in- switching personas is fun but I have begun to think of it as a fad. I fit easiest in omniscient rolls or sticking to one character. I envy George R.R. Martin; he is the absolute master of switching characters! I'm in love with Arya Stark! Seriously she's badass! If you took her story line separate from the book you'd have one seriously good coming of age young adult book that would put all the other heroines to shame.


Enough gushing- I don't write what I read. I never did. I like Sci-Fi, thrillers, and the mix. It's the great epic that is Star Wars I have to thank for that, even Episode 1, which most people hate but I adore for its foundations (I CAN’T PUT INTO WORDS HOW EXCITED I WAS ABOUT THE FORCE AWAKENS). Which brings me back to what I was saying about writing; I have the beginning, it's not exactly the best start however if George Lucas had started with the action of Episode 2 without the meet cute of characters in Episode 1 the diehard fanboys/girls would have booed and bitched in the end, even in the beginning were loose. That said I guess I'll start from the part where “Elizabeth walks into the bar…”