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My Team



The writer and creator of all things on this page! I take full responsibilty lol.

The following team members are inspiration, support and in general- fans. Much love!




My sounding board and unofficial editor! Plus inspiration for Lexa's fiesty attitude and die hard friendship!


She's the inspiration for the Palladin family's love of cooking- the family pasta business Talluto's is the absolute best place for authentic italian goods!





Avid reader and an even better friend. She's the inspiration for Veronique's vibrant redhead and giving personality.




When your busy trying to change the world one good deed at a time it's amazing to know she picks up my books to unwind (these 2 gentlemen came extra).





All she wants to do is write books when she's older- I told her she can do it right now!



Sometimes you're lucky enough to choose your family- she's the sister I never knew I always wanted!

Double Trouble! Melva & Rae!

Nothing inspired the BAGGAGE Series as much as my family, especially my mom and sister. Can you guess which is which?

My dog Octavius! (RIP)

My first international fan, Mathieu!


He is a fellow writer and world traveler! Without a doubt he inspired the character of Robert in CARRY ON.

Vous aimer!

The fabulous April!


Literally a lifelong fan! #cousinlove #JohnsonFamily 



Pure and utter #blackgirlmagic right here! Creator and innovator! #sisterlove



She was the first person to read the completed first draft of BAGGAGE. We were 20 something years fabulous- #friendsforlife



She was one of a few people who got the very first taste of the characters in BAGGAGE back in Tarrytown. Creative writing class was their birthplace and in a sense this woman is their Godmother. Thanks to her letter in the mail (yes we're THAT generation) asking me what happened to the character Veronique I finished it because... well...I too needed to know. 

Ah Michael! *sigh


I won't lie when I was writing MEET CUTE and I needed an actor to be the character's lifelong crush there was no one better suited than the one an only Michael Fassbender. One day we'll get a real pic together! LOL