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Anytime I am in full fledged writing mode I can get filled to the brim with emotion and energy which I jot down quickly and toss into a pile of discarded extras. Most of what I write is prose, but the spillover is poetry. The poetry is typically nothing like the prose or about it even remotely yet there it sits.


I have been sharing a bit of it on my Instagram page over the years. What I have published is the bulk of it. And it's ALL romance. 




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Sometimes the love you find when you’re lost can lead you to destinations you never imagined.


I was comfortable with the monogamous space Henry occupied in my life the past four years. Content! Until I discovered his desire to propose marriage.  (Really?!) Now my mind’s all muddled with memories of things, places and people I have not revisited in nearly eight years! Back when I was content to wallow in my own grief. Numbingly lost in the pool of unknown faces and personalities of a new school where no one knew about my mother’s death or my father’s fame… when I banged lockers with Tom.


My senior year of high school I did not want to attract attention. I set myself up pretty sweetly. My grades were good. I avoided the political schemes of my self-absorbed parents. I was dating a girl who didn't like me nor I her. The only thing I cared for was working after school for my father's mistress'/mother's best friend's ex-husband (no that’s NOT a typo) and counting down the days to graduation. My time in Talluto, Illinois was unexcitedly dwindling down not that I had any idea what I'd do once I left. I just wanted out and away. Meeting Kate changed my life.


Timing is everything-


After a costly mistake in his teens sent Tom’s life down a road he never expected, he could finally feel it coming full circle when he was offered the job of his dreams by his mentor in New York City. He knew accepting it would mean relocating himself and his family from Los Angeles, enduring winters that caused his battle ridden body to ache, and the distinct possibility he would run into the very person who, at one time, represented salvation: Kate.


Now that happenstance has thrust Tom into her life will it be possible for Kate to say yes to Henry when he pops the question? Is Kate capable of accepting the life Tom has led since they parted the sacrifices, the hardships and disfigurement? Will Kate see the man she left has changed? Or will circumstances once again intervene on what began in the hallway eight years before?





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My first published book, a collection of poems gathered from years of writing about love and loves. I put this together with the thought of all my friends who "borrowed" them to give to their own loves. Here are a few samples:


“Once Again That Loosener of Limbs:

Love; Bittersweet and Inescapable, Crawling

Thing; Seizes Me”1


I hear your voice, and I’m still, inanimate, non-


My feeling stir, a volcano before eruption.

I wish for you to touch only my being.

I close my eyes and you’re there.

Is this obsession? Or fate? Or am I just going

through the motions?

I smile because you encourage my smile.

I laugh because you warm my soul.

I cry no more because you’ve come to entertain

me, or

seduce me, or sweep me off my feet.

And challenge my once broken heart.

All this because of your voice.

Is it crazy?


1. Taken from Sappho


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My first full length novel I began in creative writing class while I was student at Marymount College. I wrote the first hundred or so pages before the semester was up. I fashioned the four friends after my own solid quartet, mixing and melding our cohesion until little parts of them are in Sunny, Lexa, Veronique and Kirby. I was not set on finishing it until one of the magnificent writers (Susan Schuler) in my class told me she had to know what happened to the character, Veronique. I myself was suddenly intrigued and boom book one!


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The follow up to Baggage, it explores (due to my own fascination) the next phase in the life of one of my favorite characters from Baggage, Sunny. The fallout of anyone hit with disease has an effect on everyone’s lives surrounding the person stricken. Carry On deals with everyone’s ability to move forward, to accept, and to support one another when things seem bleak. I felt compelled to see her through to an end I felt she deserved.