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First a little explanation- I tend to build up a lot of emotions when I write mostly because my characters are complete human beings in my head and when I'm writing about them especially if they're going through something emotional it spills over into my own emotional sector. Writing poetry is the easiest quickest way to "dump" the emotions so to speak. The following are little piece of that excess emotion.





And it hit me-

Not exactly why I let it in

but I did

and now I'm stuck here

all dark and twisty

all sixteen candles

dumb and ready to fall

willing even

when it goes against every self preserving instinct

I allowed it to happen-


dramatic and adolescent

stupid stupid stupid- 







When with you I was so willing to be bad.


“What I want To Do”


What I wanna do is,

please you, kiss you,

make all your dreams come true,

Fulfill your wishes, succumb to your desires,

Confront you, accept you just the way you are.

Love you,

from top to bottom,

kiss your ears, as well as your feet,

and worship you in the midnight hour.

Be your companion, your lover,

your friend,

Give you hope,

make your heart race with just a glance.

Adore you, all day,

Especially when we're apart,

Please you,

and amaze you with my mind, body, and soul.

What I wanna do is,

know you,

treasure you,

seduce you,

with you.